Monday, 14 September 2009


We at MSA Crafts have produced a new addition to all your card making experience Pongy Drops

This is a range of fragrance's that you can use to 'Fragrance you Creation'. Adding a drop of our fluid to your cards will give a new sensation when the envelope is opened. It is a non-oily fluid which when applied discreetly will be invisible and last up to one month on cards. Apply to the edges and folds and under embellishments, flowers and decoupage using a small brush or the dropper included.We at MSA Crafts have produced a fantastic new addition to your card making experience.

The Fragrances we stock are:

Baby Talcum – Clean and Fresh

Beer/ Brewery – Full Bodied and Relaxing

Car Leather – New and Masculine

Citrus – Sweet and Fresh

Coffee – Rich and Aromatic

Cut Grass – Earthy and Fresh

Jasmine – Intense and Exotic

Lavender – Light and Relaxing

Rose Garden – Sweet and Fragrant

Xmas Pudding – Spicy and Rich

rose grass


DSC04713Hope you like them

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