Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My Kanban Class

Wanna see what we got up to on Saturday’s Kanban class then continue reading…. If not sorry you may find this boring!!

So I like to do at least one thing that is different on my classes so while I was searching for inspiration I came across and unusual way of folding a card Tri-Shutter I was automatically inspired and decided to incorporate this design with the Kanban products. We used Dress-up Pink Dress-up Ruby Foiled Perfume Scroll Brown and Foiled Perfume Scroll Pink.

The base card instructions are

Step 1- Start with a piece of card 5.5”x12” Lay horizontally and score at 2”, 4”, 8” and 10”. Step 2 – Turn the card so it is now vertical and 1.5” from the edge Cut between the score marks 2” and 10” repeat this on the other side. then fold the card as pictured and decorate.

DSC04403 DSC04404 DSC04405 DSC04401DSC04400DSC04402The next car we did was using the concept card pack High Seas and we made 3 cards from one pack.

DSC04408 DSC04406 DSC04407

The next was also a concept card pack from the new A5 size range Morris we made 2 cards from this one pack.

DSC04396 DSC04398

And finally we made this card using Kanban Glittered card with die cuts Birthday

DSC04410 DSC04409I hope you like them and maybe you will be tempted to give one of our classes a try.

See you soon

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  1. i am a disabled person who cant get to workshops How about doing these as an online class we could buy the kits and then do the class at our leisure. I have sat afternoons now when my hubby goes to football and I would love something like this and there is nothing on the web to do these